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How do I charge credit cards at a gig?

Once you’re all setup with an account, charging cards is pretty straight-forward. Here’s how.

In Showtime, as you add items to an order, you’ll see a green bar appear on the bottom of your screen showing the order total.When you tap it, you’ll see three options for cashing out that order – Comp, Charge Card, or Cash Collected.

To charge a card, tap on Charge Card, as seen below.


You’ll then be taken to a screen where you can either input the credit card details manually (slower), or take a photo of a fan’s credit card (faster) to get their info into the app. Once the credit card number is entered, along with your fan’s postal/zip code, press the checkmark in the upper right and you done. If a fan wants a receipt, ask them to type their email address into your device before you complete the sale.



Once the sale is finished, you’ll be taken back to showtime to continue selling 😉

As always, if you have any questions for us, send us an email at feedback@getmerchapp.com



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